Security Guard Service

PSS, business security and surveillance offers a Agent Guard service in Tunisia.

Company guarding Tunisia: why?

Leave vacant space still provides some concerns, whether for a few days, weeks or months. Indeed, no one is safe from unexpected, clandestine introductions or even weather. With our security and guarding in Tunisia you can leave your premises or your events peace of mind.

Our security officers are involved day and night to prevent the risk of accidents, but also protect and preserve your property. They are trained to handle all types of accidents or intrusions and are in constant communication with our monitoring center.

But we also have mobile patrols involved in detection of anomalies by your surveillance camera.


PSS offers of skilled supervision and confidence to ensure they guard your homes and business premises.

Market-leading security and guard services in Tunisia, we offer services tailored to your needs, whether it be for occasional or regular babysitting but also a mobile guard or on site.

PSS you are guaranteed to benefit from a solution babysitting Tunisia bespoke !


Our service guarding complete Tunisia and fits in our offers security and surveillance.

It allows us to offer a range of services to meet your needs : enhanced protection dog training , installation of surveillance camera.

Our security officers are recruited according to strict criteria and are constantly supervised by a supervisor who establishes meticulously detailed daily reports : patrol hours , incidents , completed assignments , etc. . All information is computerized and reported to the client.